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Who We Are

Auxbon is an professional electric toothbrush factory located at Shenzhen. We specialize in the manufacturing of all kinds of electric toothbrush. Established in 2013, Auxbon has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality electric toothbrush and related accessories to clients all over the world. Our products are of the highest quality and have been tested to meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

At Auxbon, we are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers. With our experienced team of professionals, we are able to provide top-of-the-line products at competitive prices. Our OEM/ODM services allow us to customize each product to meet your specific needs. We are also able to provide rapid prototyping and rapid production services, ensuring that you get orders on time.

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Customized Electric Toothbrushes

As an electric toothbrush factory, we manufacture electric toothbrush under your requirements: motor power, brush bristles, colors, cleaning modes, packaging, etc. It’s an one-stop solution you’ll have with us.

Our Services

Auxbon specializes in toothbrushes manufacturing and only — solving deep toothbrush technology that unlock the mechanisms underlying many performances, leading to new approaches in electric toothbrushes.

Product Development

If there is any product R&D manufacturer that has extensive experience designing electric toothbrush, it’s Auxbon Innovations.

Packaging Customization

Display your electric toothbrushes in such appealing packaging boxes that attract attention at first sight.

Contract Manufacturing

Thanks to manufacturing with automatic production lines, our electric toothbrush meet the most stringent hygiene requirements. The modular structure of our manufacturing systems also means we can respond to urgent requests and offer one-stop services.

Quality Control

From material to finished products, all are subject to uninterrupted monitoring. All Auxbon electric toothrbushes work to the same standardized QC system certified to ISO 9001.

How We Help Your
Toothbrush Business

We develop intelligent, tailored manufacturing solutions for clients, from material selection to shipping. Outstanding client service and technological edge have made us innovation leader.

See our company profile to have a complete picture of who we are, what we do, what we believe, and what we want to bring to you.

For us, the quality of electric toothbrushes is fundamental. When work with your company, quality stands for our reputation. We make it our rules, principle and mission.

Years on the market. Technology moves fast, luckily so do we.
We’re qualified with many international certifications.
Product patents we have.
Repeatedly recognized as the best toothbrush manufacturer.

Our Certificates to Ensure Quality

Technology Drives Quality

Electric toothbrush is evolving – more functions for oral health, longer lifespan, more attractive appearance and packaging…We think manufacturing is important in fulfilling all your ideas and vision, and that’s what drives us to keep being the best electric toothbrush manufacturer.


Auxbon Whitepapers

An ultimate guide of electric toothbrush business and how to work with electric toothbrush manufacturers. This is a piece of our insights giving deep thoughts and tips on working with manufacturers like us.