About Auxbon

Auxbon is an electric toothbrush factory based in China dedicated to supplying all types of electric toothbrushes. We’re well placed to take advantage of due to our core competencies in tufting, molding, and electronic and mechanical assemblies, as well as our highly sophisticated testing capabilities.

Electric toothbrushes are a ‘Class 1’ medical device, so we have developed the quality and FDA-compliance systems needed for medical-device production. We accept OEM and ODM orders, with 50 technicians with more than 10 years experience and other 200 workers day and night shift.

All effort we put in electric toothbrush industry is to bring best tooth brushing experience to the world and help various brands achieve better quality, lower manufacturing cost, and better brushing functions.

We’re a factory that aims at singular product: electric toothbrush. We’re so professional because we do this only, and with our full heart.

Auxbon electric toothbrush factory

Our Facilities

Our facilities offer a seamless solution under one roof. From the first spark of an idea to the final packaging, we hold ourselves accountable in every detail. Using the latest technologies, we verify each toothbrush according to our own exacting standards and those of our customers.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are fit for use, and our in-house testing lab guarantees the highest performance standards.

Product Design Workshop

Molding Workshop

Injection Workshop

Tufting Workshop

Assembly Workshop

Our OEM/ODM/OBM Strengths

Our niche is in the electric toothbrushes (OEM/ODM/OBM specialities), and toothbrushes related products manufacturing. Concurrently, we are fired up in providing private label solutions.

By anchoring on this segment alone, Auxbon has tapped into the fastest growing business sectors in the region and the world. The trends of electric toothbrushes have catapulted us into the forefront enabling Auxbon to maintain continuous development and innovation impetus.

Outside of OEM and ODM, Auxbon has over 10,000 items in stock that it has developed and pre-packed. Depending on customer needs, there are cases when small orders only need to be private labeled in order to suit your low MOQ needs.

Auxbon OEM ODM OBM electric toothbrush business

Do Business with Technology, Quality & Integrity.
That’s What An Electric Toothbrush Factory Should Keep in Heart.

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It’s a lifelong commitment to perfection. In more than 10 years of operation, we’ve had zero customer recalls. This feat is a testament to our steadfast commitment to quality assurance. All of our sites are accredited with single enterprise ISO certifications, including ISO 9001:2016, ISO14001:2015.

Our Certificates to Ensure Quality

History and

Auxbon greatly expands its portfolio by being known as the leading children’s electric toothbrush supplier. Auxbon developed several types of children U-shaped electric toothbrushes with silicone brushes.

New Products Development

Auxbon invested on the structure design work by employing new structure engineers and new structure workshop for adult electric toothbrushes.

Structure Workshop Investment

New electric toothbrushes factories invested in China. By achieving this, Auxbon shortened lead time and improved molding quality.

New Factories

As an electric toothbrush factory, Auxbon was found to support electric toothbrush brands with high-quality manufacturing services.

Brand Establishment

More About Auxbon

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Our Story

It all begins with our people. Auxbon places emphasis on putting together the best team – from engineering to packaging.

Auxbon mission bamboo electric toothbrushes

Our Mission

It’s our mission to be the supplier of high-quality toothbrushes for all brands. Here you’ll find the same value as your business.

Auxbon operations in running toothbrushes factory

Our Operations

A culture dedicated to quality and execution. From quality control system, to structure designing, we claim to be the best.