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OEM/ODM Photocatalytic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic photocatalytic electric toothbrush, combined with the latest photocatalytic titanium dioxide, plus high-frequency sonic vibration (31000 rpm) effectively removes tartar and maintains oral health.

  • Lower noise
  • Lifespan is 5 years
  • Special photocatalytic function (sterilization and disinfection, softening of dental calculus, removal of bad breath, toothpaste-free)
  • Packaging: Customized high-end gift box packaging
  • Bristles: Imported food-grade American DuPont brush filaments
  • Brush head handle: transparent PC (food grade) TPU (medical grade)
  • Titanium dioxide semiconductor: Medical Grade Material
  • Body: food grade ABS engineering material
  • Battery: 1100mAh lithium battery
  • Using cutting-edge production technology in the industry. Nano-coating is added to the surface of titanium dioxide semiconductor.
  • Use light, water vibration, excitation to achieve photocatalytic photocatalyst effect.
  • Vibration frequency: 31000 times/min
  • Waterproof grade: IPX7
  • Lifespan: 5 years
  • Color: Royal blue/white/customized
  • Product shape: Suitable for ergonomics
  • Charging method: Wireless induction charging
  • Product size: 29.6X29.9x256mm

Working principle

The sonic photocatalytic electric toothbrush combines the latest photocatalytic titanium dioxide with high-frequency (31000min) sonic vibration to effectively remove tartar and maintain oral health.

After the carbon dioxide semiconductor absorbs energy from sunlight or other light sources, the electrons on the surface of the particles are activated and escape from their original orbits, while positively charged holes are generated on the surface. The escaping electrons have strong reducing properties, while the holes have strong oxidizing properties. After the two react with water, active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals will be generated. Active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals can oxidize and decompose most organic matter, pollutants, odors, bacteria, etc. into harmless carbon dioxide and water. This product adopts the patented technology of titanium dioxide, which greatly improves the photocatalytic effect.

On the basis of titanium dioxide photocatalysis, a built-in power supply is used to provide a continuous current of 1-5 μA to enhance the effect of tartar removal.

The sonic photocatalytic toothbrush also utilizes the “cavitation effect” of sonic vibration energy in the periodontal area to remove bacteria and unclean substances in the periodontal area, and its cleaning range can cover all parts of the periodontal area. The MCU driving circuit installed in the hollow brush handle excites to generate vibration and emit sound wave energy. The sound wave energy is transmitted to the surface of the teeth and gums through the bristles of the brush head. On the one hand, it loosens the adhesion of plaque, tartar and fine tartar to the teeth, and destroys the parasitic reproduction of bacteria in the gum pockets and hidden places on the tooth surface. At the same time, through The sonic energy transmitted by the bristles touching the gums to the surface of the gums penetrates into the gums and acts on the cell membrane to accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, inhibit periodontal inflammation and gum bleeding, and prevent gum recession.

Private Labeling / Contract Manufacturing

This sonic photocatalytic electric toothbrush is a brand new design to the market that manufactured by Auxbon factory. If you want to have private labeling on this products, feel free to talk to us.

Also contract manufacturing is welcomed. We can help build a new electric toothbrush according to your design or optimize a design we have to make a new one.

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