Our Mission

It is our goal, our philosophy. And it is a dream that we make come true every day, thanks to our steadfast commitment. Because everything, in our business, is aimed at conveying trust, through the quality of our solutions and through the behavior of each and every one of us. All this in order to reach and surpass increasingly challenging targets, which help improve people’s lives all around the world.

We believe in something to smile about.

We believe in clean teeth. Clean teeth make us confident. They give us energy. They help us embrace who we are. They lead us to the best version of ourselves. What we use to clean them should do the same for our planet.

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We decided to brush up the toothbrush.

While the common toothbrush is good at cleaning teeth, it’s really good at dirtying the planet. We conceptualized a toothbrush that could meet the highest standard of oral hygiene while considering the hygiene of our planet and those who depend on it.

More About Auxbon

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Auxbon Company

Auxbon chooses to be an OEM/ODM/OBM factory of toothbrushes, because of our team and our vision.

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Our Story

It all begins with our people. Auxbon places emphasis on putting together the best team – from engineering to packaging.

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Our Insights

Sharing the latest technology and news no matter from Auxbon or from our communities, is worthy enough because it helps us to know what happens right now.