Our Story

Auxbon Manufacturing was founded in 2011 by Frank Yang, also the Founder of Cinoll Group, with a simple goal: help brands and companies become more competitive by manufacturing best electric toothbrush in lower costs to the highest established quality standards.

With operations in China, we provide our clients access to the best manufacturing technology. Our co-founders’ understanding of engineering and manufacturing, combined with a top-notch engineering team in China and abroad, gives clients confidence that their production partner has the technical savvy and international business experience necessary for their project to succeed.

What Makes Us Different in Electric Toothbrush Industry

It all begins with our people. Auxbon places emphasis on putting together the best team – from engineering and manufacturing, sales and logistics, to quality control and client support. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, but our people and their commitment to working in your best interest set us apart.

Technical Engineers
Passionate Sales
Experienced Workers
women workers of Auxbon working in factory

We Create Our Reputation with:

Respectful and Humble With Confidence

We show a polite regard and consideration to others. We’re confident in our abilities and proud of our successes, but we are also humble.

Positive Attitude and Solution Oriented

We have a can-do attitude and we get energy from solving problems. We understand that problems can happen, and when they do, we work together to solve them.

Great Reputation Every Day

We all make the daily choices that make us all proud to be a part of Auxbon. Our reputation can be reinforced by everything from the quality of our products to the way we participate in the community.

Loyal and United, Working Together

We work together as one team, and we win or lose together. Even when we have disagreements with others, we assume that the other person is trying to do what is best for Auxbon and our customers.

More About Auxbon

Auxbon electric toothbrushes factory

Auxbon Company

Auxbon chooses to be an OEM/ODM/OBM factory of toothbrushes, because of our team and our vision.

Auxbon mission bamboo electric toothbrushes

Our Mission

It’s our mission to be the supplier of high-quality toothbrushes for all brands. Here you’ll find the same value as your business.

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Our Insights

Sharing the latest technology and news no matter from Auxbon or from our communities, is worthy enough because it helps us to know what happens right now.