Electric Toothbrush Technology

Electric toothbrush technology is updating. We’re proud to be a tech guru in latest technology development. With advanced brush head and 3D oscillating technology, our electric toothbrush removes up to 10X more plaque than a manual toothbrush and can reach areas that are difficult to get to with manual brushing. Those innovation benefits from our study on advanced motor and better DuPont bristles.

Auxbon electric toothbrush motor

Motor Determines the Power

For many electric toothbrush business, the overall price is important. However, many of them ignore the importance of motor. Since high-quality motor is usually more expensive, however the stability and power in brushing is irreplaceable.

For the drive motor used in toothbrushes, aspects including the structure type of motor, output speed, rated voltage, output power, and diameter specifications can be customized in Auxbon, since we make our own motor in factory.

▷ Our focus: use best motor in your toothbrushes or develop a suitable motor to your electric toothbrush.

Magnetic Levitation Motor: High-frequency Vibration

Magnetic levitation motors operate more quietly than traditional brush motors. This is because they do not have any physical contact between the rotor and stator, so there is no mechanical noise.

Also, magnetic levitation motors allow for more precise control of the movement of the toothbrush head, which can lead to a more effective cleaning experience.

▷ Our focus: lower down your cost but improve the power of electric toothbrush to meet your required performance.

Auxbon high performance vibration technology

Renew the Function of Electric Toothbrush

With strong capabilities in understanding your requirements, we can bring anything to life with our technology. In the past 10 years, we’ve helped many brands to invent electric toothbrush with unique functions, such as UV disinfection, air dry, different modes, and even different bristle shapes.

By realizing your idea, we feel so proud and honored to be your partner in manufacturing. If you have any idea or concept, feel free to sign NDA with us and we’re willing to share your molding cost and save your budget.

▷ Our focus: to develop any function you want and make sure it performs the best no matter in testing or market feedback.

Auxbon travel electric toothbrush mode custom

Case Study: Photocatalytic Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Toothpaste may contain carcinogenic dyes (including children’s toothpaste). We help our client to develop this photocatalyst sonic electric toothbrush which only needs to be exposed to light, and the battery can generate free electrons. These free electrons are conducted along the conductive wire in the middle to the titanium oxide semiconductor part under the tip toothbrush hair.

At the same time, after the titanium oxide semiconductor is immersed, a physical reaction occurs, generating free electrons. Through the physical reaction of electrons to remove tartar and kill bacteria.

Case Study: Visual Electric Toothbrush with Camera

Electric toothbrush can be something different. Why not a camera to check people’s teeth? In 2022, we supported our client to develop a brand new Visual Electric toothbrush with Plug-in camera. Through the clip image processing technology, the lens image is transmitted through the principle of wifi, so that people can view the image of their teeth right on mobile phone.

Why Choose Auxbon

Auxbon production factory

Our Certified Factory

An electric toothbrush factory with advanced machining plants and digital process control. You will need a trustworthy manufacturing factory to backup your budget and lead time.

Auxbon electric toothbrush quality control

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System (QMS) consists of procedures and work instructions to ensure product integrity, reliability, and on-time delivery to meet your specifications and requirements.

Auxbon electric toothbrush packaging

One-Stop Packaging

We offer a one-stop electric toothbrush packaging service that will save you time and money. Packaging including plastic cases, retail boxes or sustainable boxes are available.