Our Electric Toothbrush Factory

On-demand speed. Production quality.

We built our infrastructure to help you make better electric toothbrush faster. With China production centers, and manufacturing partners across the globe, you always have the capacity, technology, and expertise you need to get your products done right.

Our Infrastructure

Exceptional quality guarantee in each and every single one of electric toothbrush.

Located at the Heart of Shenzhen

Our global headquarters in Shenzhen was named one of the most advanced factories by most brands working with Shenzhen factories. Add us to your supplier list and test our quality.

Auxbon electric toothbrush factory line

We understand the complexities of smart technology, motors, and how they integrate with a finished electric toothbrush. We keep your project on schedule and meet your specs without exceeding your budget.

And to be clear, Auxbon doesn’t just make individual components—we take ownership of the full electric toothbrush life cycle. We help businesses develop and build a finished good from concept to your customers’ shelves.

Creating a New Standard

By owning one of the world’s best electric toothbrush factories we’re able to break the decades-long cycle of big brands overdesigning and overcharging and do things the Auxbon’s way–focused on high quality, fair prices and client satisfaction.

Our Experienced Team

Our team in China has supported brands with unique electric toothbrushes since 2011. Today, more than 150 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production workers build and operate sophisticated, custom equipment that produces millions of electric toothbrushes every year.

Equipment in Factory

More Our Capabilities

Auxbon development center

Our Development Center

We have individual development center in our factory which focuses on developing your new ideas. We offer quick demo samples as fast as in 3 days and will help lower down your cost by using suitable parts.

Auxbon electric toothbrush quality control

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System (QMS) consists of procedures and work instructions to ensure product integrity, reliability, and on-time delivery to meet your specifications and requirements.

Auxbon electric toothbrush packaging

One-Stop Packaging

We offer a one-stop electric toothbrush packaging service that will save you time and money. Packaging including plastic cases, retail boxes or sustainable boxes are available.