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The capacity to maintain a 24/7 manufacturing operation is one of the key benefits derived from the introduction of automation to our processes.

While people remain at the heart of our business, there are now key areas where machines excel: repeatability, quality control, and production to microscopic tolerances.

Quality Inspection

13 Electric Toothbrush Testings in Auxbon Quality Management System

Quality and Safety for our client is Auxbon’s top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio, from materials and SOP to all our supply chain and shipping.

Testing Item

Appearance inspection

How We Test

The toothbrush should have a flat, uniform look and uniform color. There should not be any visible scuffs, fissures, or deformations on the surface. The coating’s surface should not blister or fracture. The functioning of the switch should be adaptable and dependable.

Electric toothbrush appearance testing

Testing Item

Input test

How We Test

Under typical operating conditions, the variance between the actual power of the appliance and its rated power shall not exceed the range prescribed by the standard.

electric toothbrush input testing

Testing Item

Noise test

How We Test

Swing electric toothbrush power level noise must be less than or equal to 65dB(A), and rotary electric toothbrush power level noise shall be less than or equal to 72dB(A) (A).

electric toothbrush noise test

Testing Item

Drop test

How We Test

After the package drop test and the bare product drop test, there must be no abnormalities in the input portion of the brush head and no functional abnormalities.

electric toothbrush drop test

Testing Item

Waterproof test

How We Test

The whole toothbrush is submerged in water, including the components that link internal components such as speakers. 30 minutes of soaking the toothbrush in a 1 m bucket will demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

electric toothbrush waterproof testing

Other testings are:

Quantity check


Smell test


Internal check


Material check


Color abberation test


Dry/wet rub test


Hi-Pot test


Assembly test

Testing Equipment in Factory

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